Not the news we wanted

We scheduled Jack for last minute tests so we could sing “a kiss for luck and we’re on our way” but unfortunately the doctor couldn’t give us an all-clear. He found the beginnings of the same kind of alien creature that sent Jack into surgery, chemo and radiation six and a half years ago. The preliminary biopsies showed no cancer cells, so we’re grateful for that, but Jack is scheduled for surgery next Wednesday. Needless to say we are surprised, disappointed and a little scared.

My sister and brother-in-law were already planning to arrive tomorrow to spend the week and we’re both so glad they’re coming. Between the crazy logistics of getting to and from the boat with no public dinghy landing here — not to mention getting to the hospital — and the stress of facing another go ’round of fear and uncertainty, it will be comforting to be in the bosom of family. Nancy and Dave have a history of taking good care of us. I love my family!

This morning before we returned our rental car, we drove back to Miami to pick up a package and commiserate with Nancy Sternberger, who’s facing her own surgery in ten days to remove a skin thing. She always cheers us up, but we were there when we got the first call from the doctor’s office with the surgery schedule, even before the doctor called with the test results and we left soon after, freaked out and stunned. The doctor called with more info as we were driving back to the rental office and we felt a little better knowing that at least at this point there’s no obvious malignancy.

When we returned to Escape Velocity we decided to move across the lake to a more central spot. The wind had shifted since we anchored last Saturday and we had swung just a little too close to the shoreline. With a weekend of waterskiers and jet skiers coming up we wanted to be well away from the line of fire. Just as we raised anchor three more boats came into the lake and we all did the slow-motion ballet of circling and jockeying for position that we’ve gotten used to this past year. I’m pretty happy with our new spot, but I’ll bet more boats will squeeze in tomorrow.

We’re spending the evening clearing the flotsam out of the Presidential Suite to make room for Nancy and Dave. They will be our first overnight guests since Carla and Jeff in Stuart. I sure hope they don’t mind sleeping with rolls of fabric.


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11 Responses to Not the news we wanted

  1. Anita

    So sorry to hear about Jack’s impending surgery. I’ll make sure to keep you both in my prayers as usual. Enjoy your company. Love you both!

  2. I’m so glad we will be there. Sleeping with rolls of fabric? Every quilter’s dream!

  3. Hope Jack pulls through with flying colours. With people all over the world wishing him the best / praying he should be fine.

  4. We’ll be thinking POSITIVE thoughts for you and Jack, Marce!! I’m not sure what I can do to help, but if you think of anything at all, just say the word.

  5. Carole L Esley

    Rats, not the news I’ve been hopping for! So glad Nancy and David will be there with you ….. family is always a good prescription, as is laughter and a good bartender. Joking aside, I’ll have you two in my heart until I know the surgery is safely over and you know what’s what…… xoxo

  6. Keep a stiff upper chin (if you’ve got two), otherwise a lip will do, too. Thinking good thoughts for you.

  7. Mary and craig

    Sending you the best vibes ever!
    Craig and Mary
    S/V Galileo

  8. Jean Evans

    Sending lots of prayers for both of you. As to keeping a stiff upper chin — well, we share the “Boettger Chin” so try to keep it stiff.

  9. Rebecca

    Very sorry to hear your news, but sounds like it was definitely the lesser of two evils. Wishing Jack the very best of luck with his surgery.

    Not to get too mystical, but maybe this is the reason for all your delays. If the alien creature is still in very early stages, it might not have shown up in tests earlier and then you wouldn’t even have known it was there until much later. Better to take care of it now.

    Hoping to soon hear excellent news from you.

  10. Jim

    Thinking of you – just a minor setback in the scheme of things, we all hope and pray – you might have to relax for a period of time on the hook or a mooring. You are in the midst of several places to do just that – the snowbirds will be vacating Marathon and opening up a mooring in the Keys. First things first though – get through the surgery!

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