Leaving home

To catch up a little, we left our comfortable berth tied to the Sternbergers’ out-pilings over a week ago. We loved being there, but in order to get to the Bahamas — or anywhere, really — we were going to have to motor back up to Fort Lauderdale. There’s a bridge we can’t fit under going south between Surfside and Miami and we wanted to get ourselves into position so that when Jack’s Cleveland Clinic experience is over we can move on.

I practiced dinghy driving through one of the low canal bridges nearby.



Jeff and Nancy are great hosts of the best Boat ‘n’ Breakfast on the coast. We marked their pilings with a couple of hobo symbols so every boater passing by will know that good people live here.


We were in Surfside for three weeks, during which we met more good people, got our Florida driver’s licenses and went to the Miami boat show, not to mention got to spend some serious hang time with old friends. But it was time to go.



We made it to Fort Lauderdale in about two hours, timing the seven bridge openings perfectly. We made it safely past cruise ships and cargo ships and dropped the hook next to True Colors in Lake Sylvia.






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2 Responses to Leaving home

  1. Anita

    Marce, know that you are Jack are always in my prayers, and especially now. Hugs and warmth coming your way.

  2. Jill Voshell

    so excited to hear about your journey and wish Jack a quick and easy recovery!

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