Life goes on

Its easy to imagine that living on a boat is a permanent vacation, but we still have the same concerns as land-based people. We still have bills to pay and records to keep. In our house we had a basket that we threw all of our receipts in but here on the boat there are already way too many baskets, and sometimes it can get too breezy to have unsecured bits of paper. Months ago Jack started putting receipts in a clear plastic office envelope and while I wasn’t watching they multiplied. It’s my job to enter them into our bookkeeping software and categorize them. Eventually this leads to the monthly summary on the What it costs page, and gives us good records to refer back to about when we bought something and where and for how much.

With Jack still recovering and our activity level at a low ebb I forced myself to dig into the envelope and get some of the record keeping under control. It took me the better part of the day, but I got through most of it. The good news is that once the receipts are entered and the charges have cleared the bank or credit card I can toss them out. There is no room on a boat for long term file storage.


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  1. Anita

    Ha ha. I guess you have no room for a file cabinet. Happy organizing. And have fun with your guests.

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