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I don’t know what made me think of it. Maybe it was knowing the iPhones have been turned off, and texting and emailing are incredibly spotty here in Spanish Wells, but I remembered that we had won two Kenwood family band radios at a West Marine promotion back in Pittsburgh many years ago. Six AA’s and they were working as good as new.

We knew we would need to communicate because today’s mission was to find a replacement for my Brudda bottom cleaner who turned up so high that he couldn’t sit up straight, and with a serious expression said he couldn’t start on our boat because he was waiting for his man for a joint to keep his focus on the work. Oh, well sure I grew up in the 60’s, I understand trying to corral one’s mind toward work. Chasing the dragon. But with all his excuses about rebalancing his finely tuned blood chemistry Marce said there’s no way he’s touching our bottom.

It was blowing like stink out of the east again 25+ kts. and a dinghy ride was like taking a saltwater shower. After gaining the docks I just started asking everyone for a diver and eventually somebody said yeah, my sister’s husband is a diver. Nice guy, almost twice as much but I bet he shows up. After a radio consult with Marce a deal was struck.

Walking back to the dinghy I noticed commotion in the mooring field. A small modern sailboat that had been weaving back and forth on the mooring ball, had broken free and beached herself. Bandit pulled it off the bank and was trying to drag it to another mooring against the wind. He obviously needed help and yelled over to Marce who was watching the drama on deck. “Where’s your launch?”


Marce told him it was ashore, then called me on the radio and said you had better get back here, they need your help. More salt spray but I got there and quickly realized that Bandit couldn’t hold the sailboat in position and reeve the new line through the mooring ball at the same time. Tricky in so much wind but in fifteen minutes we had her tied up to the new mooring. Jim Dandy to the rescue. As I headed back towards Escape Velocity I got a polite smattering of applause from the trawler that took a least 1/2 hour to pick up her mooring in the high wind.


Well, we’ll see if our new diver shows up. Tomorrow will tell the tale.


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7 Responses to Applause applause

  1. nancy

    I’m so happy to hear how much fun you are having. We are celebrating Jeff’s Birthday with a Crawfish ChowDown Saturday. Wish you could join us to pinch a tail and tell the tales! XO Nanc

  2. Jim

    I’m surprised you are spending so much time in Spanish Wells!! While you are in the Bahamas, and have already paid your $300, why not go up to Marsh Harbor and see the Abacos? At least visit Man-o-War Cay, even if you don’t take the time to go up to Green Turtle Cay (they used to have good ice cream there!!) You have the perfect boat for cruising the shallow Bahamas waters – also haven’t heard any reports of snorkelling. It’s different than in the Caribbean, with shallow sand and grass bottom, but lots of fish and conch.

    On my only visit to Eleuthera, I saw an unusual number of drunks – is there something in the water there? My other recollection was a taxi ride from the airport to the boat – in a ’70’s model full size Chevy wagon with no doors on it!! and the road (if you want to call it that) full of enormous potholes.

    There’s much more of an economy in the Abacos, and everything reflects that, IMHO. And you’ll find a sizeable cruising community, I think, with some chance someone may have knowledge of SSB radios.

    Good luck

  3. Jim

    I spoke too soon — I see by your SPOT that you are gunkholing the islands – hope you are enjoying the natural beauty underwater as well as above.
    Fair winds….

  4. Jim

    Looks like you’re bound for Bermuda – have a safe and successful passage. Cheers….

  5. Jeff & Carla

    Safe travels – send us an update when you can. I’m going through escapee withdrawl.

  6. Jim

    Bermuda must not be your destination – either the Caribbean Islands, or the Canary Islands!!!! – escapees will have to start a pool to bet on your destination – BTW, it looks like you picked a great weather window!!

  7. Jeff

    You seem to be on a somewhat circuitous route to wherever you’re headed. A few too many Dark and Stormys kids?

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