On the beach

Neville Shute devotees will recognize the title of his quiet novel of people in Australia waiting for the inevitable deadly fallout when the rest of the world has committed global nuclear war. It was also a movie starring Gregory Peck and Fred Astair, among others. Good book, pretty good movie.

We haven’t seen a ship for three days now which makes us occasionally wonder if our AIS is working so that we go down to the closet in the Presidential Suite and check the status lights to reassure us.

We saw one dolphin a few days ago. Then a little bird landed on EV and died 12 hours later despite our attempts to give it water. He left a stain in the cockpit and Jack performed the burial at sea.


Other that, there are no signs of life around us or on the airwaves. Even the weather report is done by Iron Mike, a synthesized voice.

When we rode bike trails a lot back in Pittsburgh we’d sometimes come upon a small town empty of inhabitants. Or maybe we arrived too early for an event and found the place deserted. At those times we’d turn to each other and say, “On the beach!”

This is like that. Spooky.


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  1. Anita

    Very peaceful.

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