It’s not even Talk Like a Pirate Day and arrgh is all I can say. Last night we had a rollicking broad reach of a sail that made doing Monday Beans night like an evening in the fun house. It was my turn to cook. This is not an elaborate affair, especially on a passage with eight foot seas.

Open a can of Bush’s vegetarian baked beans and dump them into a pot while bouncing around Escape Velocity’s galley like an astronaut showing off in the space station. If you got any in the pot you’re halfway home. Next wedge the pot on the stove with other pots and lids because it’s not staying there otherwise. Maybe it’s best to just hold it there. Now if you thought ahead one of the pots used to wedge in the bean pot would be the frying pan so you can cook the frozen hot dogs. Throw them in and clamp down the lid because, in a labor saving miracle, EV will roll them back and forth until they are beautifully evenly cooked to perfection!

This next bit gets tricky. Get two passage bowls with non-slip rubber on the bottom — here on EV we call them dog bowls — and unwedge the bean pot, and here is where Marce and I bifurcate on technique, she spoons the beans into the bowls suffering a death by a thousand cuts where I just go for it and plop it in there. Assuming you got some in the bowls we set up a bucket brigade to get the stuff out to the patio dining table because there’s no way you’re going to eat inside. Of course it takes about five minutes for the quease factor to settle down.

Ah, Monday beans.

This morning the wind clocked around to the south which forced us a little west of south which means bashing into big seas and running one motor just to keep our speed up. Still working on that patience thing.

The beans were easier.


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