Ahoy is a happy sound

Jack called down to me from on deck. “I think Mark and Sue are here!” I ran outside. Sure enough, there was Macushla right next to us. Mark and Sue were busy anchoring but we waved, then stopped by on our way to shore to make a date for happy hour at the Greenhouse. It was a library day for me, and one of my last ones because I knew we’d be moving on soon.

We congregated at our two-for-one spot and caught up with Maculsha’s adventures since last we met — Key West, Cuba (we are envious), Jamaica, Isle a Vache, Puerto Rico and the Spanish Virgins. When Happy hour wound down they invited us for curry aboard Macushla; we never turn down curry, and we were glad to extend the evening. We have found kindred spirits in Mark and Sue and enjoy every minute we spend with them.


The next day we gave them the Schulz tour of historic Charlotte Amalie and had lunch at a little Jamaican place that had a completely vegan menu. It was great for me to be with fellow vegetarians and for once I didn’t have to puzzle out what I was going to eat. I told Mark it’s a rare delight to be in a restaurant and know that I can eat anything on the menu.


We rounded out our reunion celebration with the cruisers’ equivalent of pilgrimage to Mecca: provisioning at a warehouse store. We were all able to find some good bargains, and I was surprised to find a large selection of Field Roast products so we stocked up. Like I have any more room anywhere in this boat for more food.


Two days and another dinner together and Macushla was gone, but this time we knew it wouldn’t be so long before we saw them again. Next stop, St. Martin.

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