Measuring the Marigot

Finally free of the clutches of the Coasties we dropped Mark and Sue’s dinghy off at Macushla and they piloted us to the French side of St. Martin to check in and check out the town of Marigot. The customs and immigration office was closed for lunch so we got the Tour of Essential Places which included the market and the boulangerie. Jack remembered Marigot from his trip here on a job a few years ago — nice work if you can get it — and I even recognized it from his photos.






Eventually the customs office reopened and we got checked in, then we took Mark and Sue back to Macushla for their dinghy and they showed us the wonders of Budget Marine, Island Water World, another chandlery, and the watermaker supply place. Boater heaven!

We ended the day at happy hour at Barnacles close to where we’re anchored. Our next dilemma is that we are checked in on the French side but anchored necessarily on the Dutch side because the new and as yet uncharted bridge is not scheduled to open again for a few days. So do we fly our French courtesy flag here in Dutch territory? We decided to play ignorant and not fly a courtesy flag at all. Perhaps not cool, but at least people will just think we’re stupid rather than rude.


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2 Responses to Measuring the Marigot

  1. Boater heaven indeed. But I can see you are in Marce heaven: the market!

  2. Cliff Cole

    Cool photos.

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