The view from the back porch

Watching the storm roll in.



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5 Responses to The view from the back porch

  1. Paul Moore

    The skies look like they are bringing some fresh water your way. The water also looks like the calm before the storm.

  2. Wess Smith

    Hi Marce, Happy birthday. You’ve been gone so long I’ve forgotten your age but I’m sure it’s less than mine. You guys have been sitting at that anchorage for a while now, when are you going to make the big jump across the pond?

    • We have to stay here until hurricane season is over (insurance requirement.) it’s an opportunity to catch up on chores, and besides, Jack has to go back to Florida for a six-month checkup on his surgery. We won’t be crossing the pond. We’re going the other way, across the Pacific.

  3. TomG

    That’s some color water!

    And Happy Birthday, Marce! It’s not August 6th perchance? (mine:)

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