Bottom work

Jack is still coming to grips with the amount of work it takes to maintain a liveaboard boat. Since we’re in the water all the time, marine growth can sneak up on you if you don’t keep up with it. Although our boat isn’t that big compared to most of them here in the anchorages we do have two hulls to keep clean and it’s a lot of work.

Mark from Macushla offered to show Jack how to scuba dive to see if he wants to invest the time and money on lessons and equipment. Diving on the hulls is much easier than just snorkeling, especially for getting down as far as the props. It all needs to be kept clean of barnacles and weeds and other growth or our speed will suffer. Things can also grow in the various thru-hulls in the boat, restricting cooling water and other intakes.

So Jack had a few lessons on Mark’s equipment and now we have to decide if it’s worth it to make the investment or cheaper to just hire someone periodically to clean the bottom for us. No decision yet. Stay tuned.








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4 Responses to Bottom work

  1. Marjorie Preston

    Happy anniversary, Marce and Jack. I understand it’s correct to wish you “fair winds and a following sea.”

  2. Anita

    Looks like fun.

  3. Ron

    I bought a used regulator, first & second stage from a dive shop. Got 50′ of air compressor hose and extended the second stage so I could leave a scuba tank on the deck and reach from bow to stern underwater. Put on a couple of weights, grab my sawed off toilet plunger, so I could stay attached to the hull, and had at it. I still have a rig like that with 100′ of hose to service one of my sea water intakes close to shore. They work great:-)

  4. Paul Moore

    The pleasure you can get from scuba diving is also a great by product of the training and gear. Hope you can both enjoy it.

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