All quiet on the 4th of July front

It’s a strange holiday to try to celebrate in a foreign land. I mean to them it’s just Friday, it’s nothing to them and it’s just not the same to us without fireworks so for U.S. Yachts, the 4th of July is out-of-date flare rocket test day. It would be a bad day to have something go wrong, but then, any day is a bad day to have something go wrong out on the water.

Last year in Grenada, we had to explain to our Brit friends on Macushla that we would be expending a few expired alarm rockets to celebrate our country opening up an industrial-size can of whoop-ass on their country…it was a quiet 4th.

This year we felt we could do better in spite of being the only US boat out in the harbor…well, we’re the only boat out in the harbor but that’s when Katie & Tim called with their 4th of July barbecue out on the clubhouse deck. . .



. . . and might we have any expired 12 gauge Aerial shells for Tim’s deck cannon?
Why yes we do.

This is Tim showing Marce the fine points of deck cannon firing.





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