It’s over


I just switched the engines off as the last of Escape Velocity’s dock lines were being snugged. It’s been one hundred sixteen days, seven and a half hours, one thousand three hundred eight-two nautical miles and I’d rather not think about the number of gallons of diesel since that 3-month-old T-ball fitting snapped sending our entire sailing rig to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and we began the odyssey that became known as the Slow Motion Rescue. We’re here in Marina Pez Vela, Quepos, waiting for the shipping container that, with any luck at all, will hold everything needed to return our beloved home back into a sailboat.

It’s raining. It’s our 24th wedding anniversary. The next one will be celebrated in the South Pacific, and that’s a promise.


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4 Responses to It’s over

  1. TomG

    Happy Anniversary to you both!! I’m relieved to know “It’s over” doesn’t mean it’s over! Looking forward to all your future adventures.

  2. Tom Coulombe

    Happy Anniversary to you both. God Bless and God Speed to you both. Love your blog. Looking forward to your South Pacific adventures.

  3. Andy Sams

    Yay! Happy Anniversary. You all are great! Your spirit and determination are inspiring. All the Best!

  4. Happy anniversary! Fingers crossed for the safe arrival of the container!

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