Whistle while you work

All in all I’d have to say it was a pretty good weekend. We went to the magnificent town market twice, Friday evening to load up on fresh produce, and again on Saturday morning to buy a couple of cleverly designed whistles made by this man, Walter, who can get music out of these tiny instruments you wouldn’t believe if you weren’t standing right in front of him. We have no illusions about our own abilities to play as well as he does, but we couldn’t resist his infectious charm.


Saturday afternoon Sharon and Kim from Georgia J arrived on their way back to Golfito after a week’s vacation in Nicaragua. Having them aboard brightens our spirits so much. Conversation picked up where it left off the last time they were here and we chattered nonstop all day and into the night.


We took the advice of Ed, the Sinatra-singing, Naval historian Boat Doc from down the dock and drove up the mountain to Manuel Antonio for a wood-fired pizza.


We all agreed it was the best pizza any of us had eaten since the States.

Back on Escape Velocity it was an early night, as we’re running on empty with the various stresses of our lives being in a constant fluid state. It’s a Formula 1 weekend so a little after 5am I became aware that Jack was awake and watching the Russian Grand Prix on the iPad, listening through earbuds. The race was over by 7 and by that time the coffee was made, Sharon and Kim were up and we spent a last hour together in the cockpit eating fresh pineapple and watching the marina detailers swab the boat in the next slip.

We said goodbye to friends we’re sure we’ll keep despite that it may be a long time before we’re together again. Shortly after they drove away the rain came and chased us indoors for a while. I was wrapped up in online archive newspaper research following some family history leads when I heard Jack call me from on deck. I ran outside to see this lovely good omen for the coming week.


With a short break in the weather we finished installing the new starboard side lifelines.


We finished the day on the foredeck with another stunning sunset, planning our week ahead.



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2 Responses to Whistle while you work

  1. otquilter

    Beautiful pictures, Marce. Practice on those whistles for a concert in November!

  2. Martin

    Great shots, and a lovely way to end the day.

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