Day two, fatigue setting in

Rick and Jeff started again at the crack of dawn and have made serious headway. Our job was to remove the old chain plates and make some progress on removing the old stem fitting. We’ve been extremely lucky with the weather, a fact I even hesitate to write in case I jinx it.









And of course as soon as I wrote the R-word it started.



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2 Responses to Day two, fatigue setting in

  1. Greg Gegner

    Glad things are looking up. You have showed great restraint with the challenges you have. There are lots of us want-a-bees living vicariously through you. We have a Pearson 385 and are 5 years out from joining you.

  2. You guys are doing great to get so many pictures. Was comparing vice grip shots with ours…we have much more tarnish/rust but still live having them so much! Wish ours still looked as nice as yours do.
    Ed and Sue, planning on going to sea in only 9 hours for a 4 day trip of 455 miles from Lagos, PT to Madeira today (Oct 10th) spot shown at … With double hopes that on arrival in Angel Louise in four days that we may learn you guys have EV fully operational once again!

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