Mood indigo

The crew is a little glum today. Yesterday we did the time/speed/distance calculations and were excited to see that we would make landfall on Friday afternoon, the perfect time to enter the legendary Bay of Virgins. But just before my watch last night the wind dropped suddenly, and despite our weather predictions of more of the same for the duration, we found ourselves making 3-4 kts instead of the 5-6 kts we’ve been averaging all week. We convinced ourselves it was just a local anomaly but the wind never came back all night and now we can’t see a way to reach our destination by sundown Friday. 

No prudent sailor enters a strange harbor in the dark so that means we will have to sail back and forth outside until daybreak Saturday. I’d been counting down the night watches and now I have to add one more. 

That’s sailing for you. It’s a joy to harness the power of the sun and the wind to get us where we’re going and run our systems, but it’s foolish to think we’re in control. All we can do is maximize the opportunities to move forward and hope for the best. Today will tell the tale.


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3 Responses to Mood indigo

  1. Anthony L. DeWitt

    I love your recognition of the fact that when you’re at the mercy of the wind, you’re not in control. That is so true. Yet, the truth is we’re really never in control, and it is an illusion that we are. Life can always change rapidly.

    I have to tell you, I have always thought that the idea of sailing around the world would be a wonderful adventure, but your posts here have really schooled me on what one might expect on the open ocean. I salute your intrepidity and your adventurer’s spirit. I have learned so much from reading your posts. I do not often respond, but wanted you to know that I enjoy reading about your journeys.

  2. Nate Sherer

    thanks for all the updates and all the best this weekend

  3. Jan

    When I sailed into the Marquesas in 1993, we slowed the boat down to arrive in daylight, then hove to, then sailed back in the direction we were coming from for a while, as the other efforts were not enough. I remember smelling the land from a long way away, and I remember feeling a little regretful that our sail was actually coming to an end. Enjoy every emotion!

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