We have arrived in the Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva, Marquesas after 42 days at sea. We opened a bottle of excellent wine (thank you Jeff Grossman.) Our joy knows no bounds. 



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20 Responses to Landfall!

  1. We (all of us here in Bahia) followed you the whole way. What a great trip for you guys..

  2. Yay!!! So happy y’all have made it!! Have a great time in French Polynesia and the South Pacific! Tahiti was beautiful. Best of luck as you continue your around the world quest!

  3. Laurie and Sonia

    Awesome!!!! Huge congratulations Jack and Marce!!! We are sharing your joy here in Western Australia on our ANZAC Day… We remember the feeling well on our arrival (but only after 17 days from Galapagos). We’ve been following your journey and your trials and tribulations… doubly special landfall for you on your second attempt to cross. You deserve every bit of the magnificent Marquesas as a reward for your remarkable persistence! We keep telling all our friends about you both…
    Love, Laurie, Sonia, Travis, Beau, and Kara
    SV Moana Roa

  4. Flory

    Super!!!! Congratulations & cheers!!!!

  5. deb

    We’ll have a toast to you at dinner tonight.

  6. Anita

    Woot hoot! Can’t believe it. I am very happy for you. What an accomplishment. Yay!

  7. Jim

    Congratulations on an outstanding milestone. I’ll raise a glass of rum to you this evening – will have to be either Gosling’s or Pussers – whoops, wrong ocean – enjoy the Hinano beer for me while you’re there – want to see a photo with both you and Jack with a flower in your hair (Jack, too!!) as proof that you are really there!!

  8. dave (s/v Ovive)

    Well done, now immerse yourself in a culture that’s not all about give-me.

  9. Jim

    Great Job! Major Accomplishment! Now it’s time to clean the bottom of EV, she did not share your bottomless joy, and I bet she has the barnacles to prove it!

  10. nate sherer

    YES!!!! and WHEW!!!! think of you with pride all the time

  11. Congratulations! We have been following your journey and send you our best for your time in the Marquesas – sounds like paradise!

  12. Greg Gegner

    We have been following you for quite some time now. You are a few years ahead of us. Don’t under estimate what your notes give to us locked on the land. Congratulation hope you post some pics.

  13. Meryl Conner

    Land Ho! What trials and tribulations you have been through! Such a relief that you made it safe and sound. Now you can sleep all night & start enjoying paradise! Hope to see you guys at some point….Hugs, M&W

  14. Brian

    Wow , what a journey! Congratulations on reaching paradise!
    Your blogs have been both harrowing and riveting!
    We are two landlubbers who have been transfixed by your adventure.
    So glad you are safe and reached your goal.
    Your story of having a dream that seemed improbable and following through and achieving it is indeed inspirational!
    Brian and Betsy

  15. Jena Melancon

    Marce & Jack, I am so happy for you!!!!! <3

  16. Fantastic to see you have arrived, Kelly and I have been following your adventures for a couple of years and especially for this crossing.

  17. Jeff and Marylyn Grossman

    We are now relieved of anxiety. Hope
    Jeff’s wine sets the stage for a lovely
    visit. Enjoy to the fullest. Be safe and
    Have fun. Love you. Marce, please
    give my bro a hug and kiss. Jeff and

  18. So happy for you that you’re there, safe, and enjoying such a gorgeous view.
    Can’t wait to learn more about the arrival and what you are doing.

  19. Karen sherer

    So beautiful and so wonderful to see both of you. Great photo. You both look terrrrtific

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