The view from the front porch




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5 Responses to The view from the front porch

  1. Bob

    Wow I know it took over a year but what a view.

  2. Antonio

    Looks Great!

  3. Jim P

    Looks fabulous to me – but I can’t imagine how it must look to you after 42 days at sea, as well as a destination you’ve been seeking for several years, Congratulations, again

  4. otquilter

    As Mom would say, “I’m here and you’re there.” Wait. You’re there! Hooray for you both! This is an amazing achievement, taking determination, stamina, optimism, patience and fortitude. Congratulations! Thank goodness we were able to keep in touch throughout. Enjoy exploring. Take lots of pictures. We hope to join you sometime in the near future.

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