Getting up to speed


It took nearly two weeks from the day we first started de-naming Chocobo, but today we finally got the first part or our re-naming done. Escape Velocity will eventually have the name on the stern and on each side near the front, but for today we’re just happy to have the name and hailing port on the back. We did a 10-foot job, meaning from ten feet away it looks pretty good.


We had to work from the dinghy, and on a busy Mother’s Day it was a little bouncy as boats went by every few minutes on the way to the very popular marina restaurant. We’re pretty happy with the result, and I think we both felt a little welling up that we were actually naming our actual boat after actually imagining this actual moment for so long.

Paul and Shannon from a few slips away invited us for a beer to celebrate and we also met the owners of the Manta 38 two boats down who just arrived today. Both couples are leaving soon, and we will too, this week we hope.

We’ll miss Stuart. It’s a cute little walkable town with a comfy cafe and two ice cream shops, live music nearly every night and a craft and farmers market on Sundays. We’ve enjoyed our stay here and we’ll probably visit on the way back down in November. For now, we still have a lot of work to do getting all our things sorted, reduced and stowed.



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2 Responses to Getting up to speed

  1. Looks like a good job to me. An important moment in time for you both, best wishes.

  2. Danielle & Roger

    This look awesome! Good job guy..we know how hard it is to pull out this sticky sticker 🙂

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