Just like Dolly Parton says

Just like Dolly Parton always says, “when you try to stuff 10lbs of mud into a 5lb sack, somethings going to stick out somewhere.”

Today was a significant milestone. The storage unit is empty but Escape Velocity is sticking out everywhere.

Sadly my beloved Fatty Knees sailing dingy, built in Lyle Hess’s boatworks, will soon be on its way south to teach someone else how to sail. A great dingy’s work is never done. I guess you can stick out too much but Dolly seems to get away with it.

Stowing all this stuff is driving us both crazy. I’m still having issues transitioning from boat builder (Spellbound) to boat owner (Escape Velocity). I can’t conceive leaving land with out my trusty Bosch Orbital Sander but I couldn’t tell you today what I intend to sand with it.

While working for 20 years towards our vagabond sailing life goal, we picked up some bad habits. Cycling is just one of our passions. Just where do you put two bikes aboard a 40ft catamaran? And it’s not just the bikes. Four-season riding gear, helmets, maintenance kit, it goes on and on. And painting, jewelry-making, books, cooking, and the aforementioned woodworking all need copious amounts of space that we don’t have, even though EV has the best storage space we’ve ever seen but it’s no match for our life.

Something has to give.

Dolly how do you do it?



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5 Responses to Just like Dolly Parton says

  1. If there’s a way, my sister will find it! Maybe it’s better to have the problem of too much than too little? Feel free to use the presidential suite as an extra closet! πŸ˜‰

  2. Sounds like our garage. Not once in the past 30years has it protected a car but there is always room for one more “thing.” The latest is Nancy’s bright yellow kayak and a well used leaf mulcher purchased from a neighbor moving to the city where leaves don’t fall. Out of her garage into ours. But no,no,no I will never give up my trusty orbital sander and its cat purr feel in your hand as it finishes off one more piece of oak or walnut. But wait…you have no wood! What kind of a sailor has a boat without wood? Tell me it isn’t so.

  3. Deb

    Whatever hoarding insticts you have are probably inherited. Just remember Dad’s 13 hammers.

  4. Deb

    Maybe this dilema will lead to some kind of creative outcome – you could invent a bike rack for boats……….wonder if it would sell

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