Heads, the final heat

Jack made a second attempt at getting the vent hose off the fitting at the top of the holding tank and using a selection of screw drivers as levers, he did it! Then, with me cowering in the cockpit, he cleaned the fitting and buttoned it up again. While he was there, he discovered that the clamps on the other hose at the top of the tank weren’t quite as tight as they should have been. He took care of that and we replaced the sofa cushions.

Eighteen hours later and so far no odor. Our friend Jim gave us some tips and recommendations on tank treatment that we plan to follow as soon as we’re in a place where we can pump out and thoroughly flush the tanks. Thanks, Jim! In the meantime, we’re happy with the results of three days of nasty work.



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2 Responses to Heads, the final heat

  1. Woot!
    Well done, Jack and Marce!

  2. Anita

    Way to go. Now if you smell something foul, I guess you can’t blame the pump anymore…

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