But…What if it rains

It’s been the kind of week that should definitively answer the question,” what do you do on a boat if it rains.” Nothing scary, just lots and lots of rain.
Early this morning I could see the clouds building up over the Atlantic and I knew we’d have rain in 20 minutes. We were low on water so I thought this might be the last chance to make a water run and still stay dry. Rudee Inlet is a no wake area so it takes a while to putt over to the marina to fill up the water jugs. We dropped the dinghy and I headed over to the marina. Just as I finished filling the last jug the rain opened up. It was a very wet ride back to Escape Velocity, now resting peacefully in the rain, with two other catamarans.

Locals have told us how strange it is that in a small but deep anchorage it’s usually catamarans that anchor in Lake Wesley. You’d think that the generous depth would attract monohulls with deep keels.

I changed my clothes and hung the sopping wet stuff up to dry.20120808-080513.jpg
It’s not likely to dry on a day like this.
We decide to make a break for shore when an unexpected stoppage of the rain allowed us to drop the dinghy and catch a bus for the mall, with nothing worse than a wet butt. We are not mall people, and once again the experience failed to satisfy. On the way back to the beach it began to rain. So much for a nice stroll on the boardwalk and pizza dinner. Another wet ride back to EV and more sopping clothes hanging to dry.
Marce took up sewing another pillow and I heard the behemoth motor yacht that is berthed right in front of us stir into life. Just as I started to plan a way to let him pass safely I saw the massive thrusters boiling under the yacht and it just levitated sideways and passed us with a nonchalant wave from the helm.
We had our pizza but Marce had to make it. A cozy late dinner with the pitter patter of rain on the cockpit roof.

We’ve heard that the autopilot ram is on the way to us! Goods news for a rainy evening. I still don’t know what you’re supposed to do on a boat when it rains.



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2 Responses to But…What if it rains

  1. Ron DiCola

    I’m surprised your boat didn’t come with a rain catch as part of the inventory. Schlepping water sucks unless you want the exercise.

    • Not too bad here. Dinghy to the dock, fill the carriers while they’re in the dinghy, dinghy back. The only schlepping is from the dinghy onto the boat.

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