You gotta dink

This idyllic view of Lake Wesley, as I approach Escape Velocity in the dinghy, was not to be had today. Oh no dear reader, we had no outings in the dink. Wouldn’t start. It’s always been a bit cranky with a dodgy starter button and emergency stop switch, but once started it tends to keep running. This was different. Just couldn’t keep the thing running. The possibilities are not endless but many, some of them serious.
That’s when I discovered that the two sizes of plug wrench that I have are not enough. No Mr. Honda do we really need an 18 mm plug wrench? Standard wrenches couldn’t get into the tiny space allowed by Mr. Honda for such things. How was I to know? Without seeing the plugs I was flying blind. Come to think of it, I’m always flying blind with these things. Marce kept up a constant patter of “it’s not getting fuel.” I leaned towards the more sophisticated, nuanced school of thought of the fouled plugs verity. Without a dinghy we’re in a certain amount of bother. We can’t get to shore in most anchorages.
After an emergency repair of the dodger window Marce researched on the Internet machine which seemed to point toward air on the suck side. That’s not fuel starvation is it? It started right up!
We’ve had one squall line after another come through here today and this evening is no exception. We barely got the dink hoisted back up before the rains came.

That’s life on the water.

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  1. Anita

    Where are you moving to? I thought that you would venture over to Norfolk yesterday to see the festivities. Hoping to see you soon.

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