Revisiting Newport

We came through here last January on our way to the Providence boat show. It was pouring rain and the town was largely buttoned up for the winter. We had a great time anyway, and spent quite a few comfy hours in the People’s Cafe which is in a converted bank complete with vault.

Today we came ashore and were amazed at how different Newport is in full tourist season. Shops are open and their wares spill out into the street, bars and cafes and bakeries are full up. When I first saw all the people sitting at bistro tables overlooking the harbor my first instinct was to pick an establishment and grab a table with a view. Then I realized we enjoy that every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner from the cockpit of our boat. And whereas before I may have envied the people their view, their leisure, their summer clothes, now I don’t, and I almost feel sorry for the ones who have to grab this hour, this day or week, and then go back to their workaday world. It’s times like these I feel so lucky!

We left the touristy waterfront behind and headed back to the People’s Cafe. It’s just as we last saw it except for the sun streaming through the windows. We’re having coffee and wifi and watching the summer visitors enjoying this beautiful, historic town.


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