It’s like getting a new car

We bought a new outboard for our dinghy today. We went back and forth a among the vendors yesterday at the boat show and ended up buying from the guy who gave us the good price to begin with. This morning we offered our old outboard to a place that sells used dinghies and motors and they agreed to take it off our hands which gave us enough money to pay for our Annapolis dining out. That’s good enough for us!

This afternoon we went through orientation with the vendor, then we took our loaner dinghy back to the boat, launched our dinghy and returned to the dock. The vendor loaded up our new motor and delivered it to the dock. They took the old one off, put the new one on, loaded up the old one and drove me and it to the used dinghy guy where I collected my cash. The new outboard is quiet and powerful and will make life aboard Escape Velocity so much better!

All in all, a very good day.



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2 Responses to It’s like getting a new car

  1. NICE! That’s how I felt when we got our new dinghy! We however still have our old (VERY loud) 2-stroke outboard. Enjoy!

  2. Glad you guys got a new outboard, and I see it would be hard to do engine surgery in the cockpit! Tell us how it works, and its features. List the vendor.
    Hope you’re having fun!

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