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We never tire of walking the historic district of Annapolis. We love that this is a city where people live and work, not a reconstructed open-air museum, although you do see the occasional tour guide dressed in period costume.

We know most of the streets by heart but still, we like to wander up and down between the waterfront and the Capitol building admiring the various architectural periods.







I briefly lived at 22 Cornhill Street and loved living in the historic district. The house looks like it needs a little love.


Inbetween our walking tours we’ve been doing errands on the bikes, which we have locked up ashore in a little park nearby.


Jack did some refining work on the bike rig.




And there’s been quite a bit of napping onboard.




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3 Responses to Around and about

  1. clarkhaley

    I lived on a Hunter 33 one winter at a dock in East Port (right next door to the Chart House). It was one of the coldest winters I’ve ever experience, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat to be able to spend the time in Annapolis. Though almost 30 years have come and gone since then, I am amazed that the town really hasn’t changed much at all. There are a few new businesses, of course, but the vibe is still exactly the same.

    • We miss the market house, at least the iteration of it when it was like a real market. I can’t believe the city can’t get it together to fix that.

  2. Nancy b.

    Annapolis is in my memory from when my parents visited this charming city of the plebes to visit family, Aunt Julia and Uncle Willie put up the plebes dates in a 5 story house. My Aunt would never fix me up with the navy who I thought at that time were soooooooooooooooocute and sexy. My home town of Baltimore so near and the Chespeake my water of choice.

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