Izzy’s big adventure

We got a postcard awhile back from Izzy’s vet in Pittsburgh reminding us that she is due for a couple of booster shots. As you can imagine, it’s tough to find a vet and make an appointment when you’re on the move all the time. Our extended stay in Annapolis gave us the opportunity to get it done. Turns out there’s a cat hospital not far from West Marine at a bikable distance from the park where we have our bikes locked up. Jack called and they said they could fit us in after lunch.

Izzy was fine in the carrier in the dinghy but a ride bungied to the back of a bike was a new thing for her.



After some initial howling she settled down for the mile and a half ride to the office, where she cautiously checked out the new surroundings.



Izzy was weighed, checked for pests and got her boosters, and we got a long talk with a wonderful vet who gave us some advice on what to watch for as we travel, as well as some depressing news about the difficulty of taking a pet to certain countries.


We knew all this but we’ve been living in denial because we love having Izzy aboard so much. We really need to come to grips and make some decisions to explore her foster options.

Izzy was so well-behaved with the tech and the vet that we rewarded her with a walk in the park when we got back to the dinghy dock. We hadn’t realized the extent of the park but Izzy was keen to explore and walked on the leash like a normal pet, not in the drama queen this-leash-is-too-heavy-and-I’m-choking-to-death crouch she used to do. I think her experience with the patient Boyer kids from Anything Goes got her used to the leash.



She walked and walked, staying on the path and choosing this way or that whenever there was a fork in the road. After one such turn a young couple rounded the bend up ahead walking toward us. Izzy froze for a moment, then turned tail and ran back down the path, dragging me behind her. That cat can run and I didn’t want to let go of the leash for fear she’d leave the path and run into the woods or up a tree, something she used to do as a kitten. Eventually I caught up to her and scooped her up and walked back to the dinghy where Jack was waiting with all our stuff.

We decided to let Izzy sit on my lap in the dinghy rather than put her back in the carrier. That was a huge breakthrough because she didn’t bury her head in my arm but rather looked around as we putted back to the boat. We think Adventure Kitty is starting to live up to her nickname.

We ended the day with Alan for dinner and movie night, watching a BBC production about WWII’s Operation Mincemeat.



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8 Responses to Izzy’s big adventure

  1. Marion Divers

    What did the vet say when you pulled up on Bicycles(!) with a cat who lives on a sailboat (!) ? I’m sure they were fascinated! Or, perhaps living in Annapolis, they were used to boat kitties?

    • They ARE used to it! But I think the back-of-the-bike was a first for them. What amazes me is how many boats have not one, but two big dogs on them. We see the parade of dinghies heading to shore in the morning for their walks. I can’t imagine where they stored all the kibble!

  2. Martin

    Love the shot of Izzy peeking out of the carrier. And you can’t go wrong with pecan sandies.

  3. Izzy! Izzy ! Izzy! Oy! Oy! Oy! I’m so glad she is used to the leash.

  4. Anita

    What an adventure. It looks like she had an enjoyable time.

  5. Carla & Jeff

    “this-leash-is-too-heavy-and-I’m-choking-to-death crouch …” Love it!!!

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