This doesn’t look good



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8 Responses to This doesn’t look good

  1. Mark McCurdy

    Hi Marce,
    I just saw this notice and thought you should too.
    USN says landfall is now Delaware Bay.
    Cheers,(?) Mark

  2. Marce and Jack — Please be safe and now that Michelle and I are thinking of you and our other Manta friends on the east coast. I wish I were able to help in some way…

  3. Ron

    Here’s hoping that it wiggles to the right, good luck.

  4. Jeff & Carla

    Jeff and I are thinking about you three (including Izzy). Please take care and stay safe.

  5. Rob Canale

    Well, since your posting from York, I’mm guessing you and Jack are sheltered. That’s good since the latest track for Sandy is right at EV. Your welcome here in Ridley Park. You guys should batten down the hatches and stay on land until Tuesday. Rob

  6. Anita

    Marce and Jace, please be safe and let us know how you are fairing. Love you, and hugs being sent to you!

  7. Anita

    Jack – I’m sorry I spelled your name wrong…

  8. Nancy Smith

    We will be thinking of you and are keeping our fingers crossed that the storm will be gentle to you. Nancy b.

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