Unlocks stains!

The other day we went ashore with our toiletry kits and our towels for hot showers in the marina bathrooms. I chose a stall, organized my belongings on the hooks, turned on the water so it would be nice and hot, and took off my clothes. It was then that I discovered I’d forgotten to bring my soap and shampoo. Feh. It was a long dinghy ride back to the boat. I really needed a shower. What to do?

I dug around in my kit. No secret stash of motel soap bars. No forgotten travel-size shower gel. Nothing. But wait! What’s this? A packet of Tide laundry detergent for washing your undies in the sink! It will have to do. I squeezed the minuscule amount on my washcloth, and as advertised, it was low-sudsing, which doesn’t really give you that fresh-scrubbed feeling, but I think I came out of the shower stain- and wrinkle-free.

And I’m restocking my kit.


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5 Responses to Unlocks stains!

  1. Wrinkle free? Forget Olay. I’m getting some Tide!

  2. David Strife

    If you forgot your towel, I’m sure a squirt of JetDry would do the trick!

  3. Carole L Esley

    You have a new and trendy thing going there, Marce! Maybe fabric softener sheets would help before the final rinse, ya’ think?

  4. Anita

    Did you rinse with Downey…

  5. Karen sherer

    Sooo funny At least u didn’t hang on the clothesline to dry!!

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