The life aquatic

We had another package arrive the other day, the new canvas to replace the sail covers. We have come to appreciate the high visibility and distinctiveness of the yellow cushions, canvas and sun awnings that were on the boat when we bought it, but it matched the former boat name and is an expression of Danielle and Roger instead of us. The “redecorating” will be a gradual process because of cost, so there will be a time when we’ll look like the Crayola boat with too many different colors going on at once. Bear with us.

We had a surprise email from our Miami friends Jeff and Nancy asking if we wanted company Saturday. Heck, yeah! We do miss our friends and unless we have something booked or the boat is torn up we welcome all comers. J & N arrived with Jocelyn and Lenny for a beautiful late afternoon cocktail hour on EV. After sunset we went out for a Thai dinner and enjoyed conversation that didn’t focus entirely on where to buy boat parts or how many spares we should lay in before a long passage.

After dinner they dropped us off at the marina and as we dinghied slowly back to Escape Velocity in the dark, I looked up at the starry sky and thought this is a beautiful way to live, close to nature, aware of the world around us, peaceful.

The morning sun drew me out on the foredeck again for some wakeup yoga. There were a lot of boats passing by out in the channel so we were waked a lot making balance a bit more challenging than normal.



We took advantage of the block of our beloved Tilset cheese that we got in the shipment from Penn Mac to have what we call a German breakfast, soft-boiled eggs with strong cheese and rye crisp. Jack was distracted by a P-51 Mustang flying overhead.


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  1. dan Niller

    So alive so happy Eh?

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