Things are looking up

I feel much better today. We had the guys come in this morning and explain how they did the repair. While it wasn’t exactly how we would have done it, or how we expected it to be done, they convinced us that what they did was kosher to restore the strength of the original beam and would keep us worry free for the duration of our journey.

While we were still at the marina Jack got the guy to make us a new cockpit table. The old one was laminated plywood that probably used to have a teak edge on it but that was long gone. The new one is from a material called King Starboard, a durable plastic material that we have beside our built in barbecue and should last a long time and be easy to clean.


The new cockpit cushions look great, shown here with a couple of the indoor throw pillows because I haven’t had a chance to source the material for the outdoor ones yet. As I said before, redecorating will be an evolution rather than revolution.


We know this is a departure from the usual boat decor, which generally favors variations on the blue and white theme with occasional hunter green or white canvas. Looking around the anchorage here nearly every boat has blue canvas. I like that ours is the only one with yellow, but Jack and I aren’t in love with yellow. Plus, we don’t think everything has to match so we’re going to mix it up a bit.

In any case, these cockpit cushions are the first step towards Schulzifying Escape Velocity. Jack says they remind him of the classic Danish Modern style of the 50s, which seems to go with our 50s diner turquoise laminate countertops. I guess you gotta run with what you have.

Now that we’re past this messy fiberglass repair we’re just waiting for our mainsail to be done so we can make the next jump south, probably to Ft. Lauderdale or Miami for our final push on upgrades and personal business before we say goodbye to the US for a while. One foot in front of the other.


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8 Responses to Things are looking up

  1. Good news! I’m so glad the repair turned out to be okay. The new table looks terrific, and I love the cushions. Jack’s right…it does look like Danish Modern. I can’t wait to see everything in person! XO

  2. Mary and craig

    Marce, looks great! Love the 45 degree angle on the corner cushions– gonna steal that idea for Galileo. Our fabric choice is not ordinary either:

    May be summer before I get the sewing machine out!

  3. Karen sherer

    Escape Velocity looks stunning and there’s not a better look than the Schultzifying Look I’ll vouch for that!!

  4. Anita

    The table and the cushions/pillows are gorgeous Marce – great job.

  5. Petra Koch

    To live on water is not so easy, but the nice sundowners are great.

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