Not a day of rest

Sunday was inordinately busy for a day that’s supposed to be a rest day. We took our laundry in to the marina washers, showered then walked over to the farmers market on the waterfront. We were in dire need of produce and picked up some home grown cukes, red peppers, tomatoes, chard, radicchio, corn and radishes.



We took the veg back to the boat, picked up our bike bags and helmets and rode over the bridge to Sports Authority and the mall trying to find Jack a pair of Crocs. He wants a pair of shoes he can just slip on in a hurry and all of his other boaty shoes require tying. In any case, we couldn’t come up with a pair that would fit the bill so we high-tailed it back to the marina to pick up our laundry and take it back to the boat.


We had just enough time to apologize to Izzy for leaving her alone all day before heading over to True Colors for the first playoff game.


We watched the second game in the marina lounge but to tell the truth, we don’t have a dog in this fight so we didn’t really care who won. It did keep us up past our bedtime, though.

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  1. Karen sherer

    Soooo freezing here that your beautiful photos r beginning to antagonize me haha

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