Not so fast

We had every intention of dropping our mooring on Thursday morning. But between Jack’s cold and the bad weather we decided to stay put and let Jack get another night of healing sleep. By morning, he didn’t seem much better, but we knew we needed to get going.


It was a cold night and a chilly morning and we had to bundle up, something we were hoping not to have to do again for a while. By mid day the sun warmed the air but the wind never died down at all and was directly behind us all day so we didn’t have any protection from it.

We stayed inside to Lake Worth because the seas were choppy outside. This stretch wasn’t too bad for bridge openings and the water color was downright tropical blue for a while.


We saw a house being moved on a barge.


It took us two tries to anchor because on our first attempt the wind slammed us sideways just as the anchor went down and when we settled we were too close to another boat. When Jack raised the anchor the windlass jammed again — it was supposed to be fixed! — and the wind and current were tossing us every which way. It took a good 45 minutes to get the anchor set again; we’re in a much better spot with more swinging room. The wind was supposed to die down but it hasn’t yet.


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2 Responses to Not so fast

  1. karen sherer

    I hope Jack is feeling better and it’s getting a little easier for you two…..

  2. Anita

    I hope that the healing winds will get to Jack, and that you are staying in the other berth… I’d say make him chicken soup, but, maybe there is a vegetarian alternate. Love and hugs coming your way!

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