All good plans

We checked the weather, checked the tides, checked alternate plans in case of this and that only to wake up this morning to 20-25 kt wind and a serious bounce here in the anchorage. We knew this front was moving through but it was supposed to be mostly gone by now. On top of that, Jack has come down with a cold that’s sapping his will and energy so we’re just going to sit tight for a couple of hours and see if things settle down enough to mosey south a little. We originally planned to go out the St. Lucie inlet and sail all the way to Ft. Lauderdale but with conditions as they are, we can either wait it out or get moving. Time will tell. Right now the wind is howling through the rigging and Jack went back to bed.

We had a nice sundowner last night aboard True Colors and met Dolph and Elisa from Tulum III. Funny thing is they were “introduced” to us from afar by Ed and Sue from Angel Louise, currently in Turkey. Ed and Sue apparently know everyone on a boat anywhere on the east coast and play matchmakers, sending emails to us all encouraging us to dinghy on over and say hello. Thanks, Ed and Sue, and we wish you were here, too! (But I’m sure it’s more fun in Turkey.) You can follow Ed on Twitter here.



It’s now 8:30 and the wind is still bouncing us around. I think we’ll wait here awhile.


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