Beasts and burdens

Mr. Diesel Mechanic informed us today that he would not be able to shower our beasts with the love they require. Something something complicated something volvo something too hard. I really didn’t quite get what he was saying but I got the gist. So we’re back to square one on that.

Also, now that we have almost all the documents we need to become official Florida residents I jumped online to make appointments with the DMV for our driver’s licenses. The next available appointment is on March 11th. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? The website says you’re required to get a Florida license within 30 days of moving here, but the appointments are more than 30 days away. I think we may have to rent a car and drive to a less populated corner of the state to get this done.

On the positive front, Jack is no longer bleeding and we’re both starting to see the backside of our colds. Tomorrow I hope to be able to knock some things off our very long list.

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