Touch Wood

Dear Escapees, it looks like you’ll be dealing with me for a little while longer. Thanks for all those good vibes, candles and prayers. On my end, I’m especially thankful for skilled doctors, nurses and science.

Yesterday the pathology report came back clear and it was time for a group hug, right in the doctors office. I had pushed the bad possibilities out of mind for so long that the relief was amazing.


It took a whole community of family, boating friends, incredibly concerned and caring doctors and an angel of a wife to pull this off.


By the time we reached the Southport Raw Bar several friends had gathered for a cancer free celebration. I watched, they drank. Doctors orders. I was allowed a cookie.


When it was time to go the tide and wind were up so with Nancy and Dave piling into the dinghy with us we knew we’d never squeeze under the canal bridges and that meant a nice long, slow, magical ride all the way around to the entrance of the lake just to get back to Escape Velocity.

It’s good to be alive.


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  1. So happy you are well enough to follow your dreams…and to let us share them. Blessed be. Enjoy the cookie, and many more

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