Only a matter of time

The first time I saw this face, quivering, shaking uncontrollably in Marce’s arms, I knew this day would come.

She’d just been snatched from underneath an SUV on a firecracker hot July day in Trader Joes parking lot. Helpless but a real survivor, you could put her into a teacup. The Vet said she had about one more day left in her.

The last of our three cats had passed and we knew that, where we were heading, many countries had stupid quarantine rules regarding pets on boats.

Most pet owners will say that their pet is so special but this story is unique in that I’m not lying. Izzy “Adventure Kitty” Katzenbaum is a true character and people fall in love with her immediately, and so did we. Within a week we knew that you could search for a lifetime and not come up with a cat as sweet and funny and spirited as Izzy.

So…today is the day. Our kids called and said that she handled both flights with aplomb and grace, like a pro, which anyone whose read this blog knows she is. I’m not surprised at all.

Upon returning to Escape Velocity, which we knew would be tough, there were no cheerful greetings at the door, and a dreadfully empty boat. We silently went about getting rid of all things cat. It’s a sad, sad day.







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4 Responses to Only a matter of time

  1. Don’t worry! She’s adjusting nicely, and has found a little hiding spot. She knows who I am, and gets up to sniff every feature and facet of our old/new bedroom. She even showed me how to use the litter box, and wolfed down a few crunchies. I’ve showed her the water, but I can’t figure out if she’s not thirsty, or doesn’t understand the difference in water quality – your water is far superior to the water here in Pittsburgh.

    I’ve given her some scratchies, which produce a chorteling purr, and she has started to rub her face on the door jambs and other protrusions. I hope to catch her hanging out on the window sill looking at birdies. I’ve given her lots of hugs already, and let her take control of her own acclimation.

    Once we sure-up the bathroom, we’ll let her roam the first floor, and slowly introduce Calico-Kitty. B/W-Kitty hisses at me while I’m covered in Izzy-Kitty’s loose fur.

    I’ll break-out the brush tomorrow, more treats, and more scratchies. She couldn’t have a better new home – I promise.

  2. deb

    Izzy is a great cat. I’m so glad she’s with Drew and Ericka and they can send pictures! Hope to see her sometime with I get back to Pittsburgh.

  3. I’m feeling teary and I’m not even there! But Drew and Ericka will love her until your return. XO Hugs all around, especially to Izzy! She may not be a boat cat, but she certainly is an Adventure Kitty.

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