Still no water

Our watermaker is still on the fritz and we’re conserving like nobody’s business. But I have to say I really miss having a shower, especially with the summer fast approaching. And the laundry is piling up. I was bemoaning this fact to Ron last week and he was incredulous that we don’t have a catchment system aboard EV to take advantage of tropical showers. To tell the truth, we never even thought about it because, well, we have a watermaker!

The other day Jack and I were mulling this over in the cockpit when it started to rain. We had the sun awnings deployed and suddenly realized that with a little tweaking we do have a catchment. We got a bucket and some water jugs and experimented with various tensions on the awnings until we had a pretty good flow. In about 15 minutes we captured about eight gallons of water. Not bad!

There’s more rain predicted for today or tomorrow and now we know what to do and how to rig the awnings for maximum flow so we won’t miss so much of the rainfall next time. Meanwhile, the watermaker technician will be here tomorrow. Fingers crossed!



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2 Responses to Still no water

  1. Cliff Cole

    Jamie and I love following your escapades.

  2. Anita

    Being prepared is always the way to go. Now you’ll have lots of water. Very green, too.

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