Frost free + water

Today was chore day. First up was defrosting the freezer which had become so iced up I could barely find anything.


As you can see defrosting requires quite a bit of inversion work but at least it’s cool in there. With little breeze today it was pretty hot in the anchorage by 8:00am.

We were also expecting the watermaker repairman and to give him access to the system we had to clear out our third bedroom, commonly referred to as the garage.


I made space in the Presidential Suite and Jack schlepped all the heavy parts and supply bins from one end of the boat to the other, a job he does not like one bit.


Five minutes later the drama was over, Jack was resting in the cockpit and we were ready for the repairman.



Dave and Jamie from Reefco came much earlier than we expected and patched up our classic unit in no time. Dave thinks it stopped working because air got into the system and that the broken pressure gauge was from age and vibration and not related, or marginally related, to the air issue. He fixed most of the leaks, changed our carbon filter and gave me some much-appreciated tips on maintenance and troubleshooting. The membrane survived the weeks of sitting and our water quality is great, as usual. We’re now happily filling our tank and champing at the bit to take showers.

Meanwhile, the freezer is defrosted, the food is back in and the temp is gradually reaching its optimum operating level. We have the ingredients to make pain killers and a ripe mango aboard. Life is good.

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  1. Love the down dog in the freezer! Yay for the repaired water maker!

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