Well, remarkably the watermaker, which we thought had comprehensively blown up, had locked up by sucking air into the feeder pumps due to the violent motion of Escape Velocity on our long windward passage. The pressure gauge needle broke off because of metal fatigue and while we had the guy out on the boat he stopped some annoying leaks that had developed in some hard to reach places. Whew!

So we decided to blow the budget in a different way and get as much of the orange canvas finished as we could. Miss Janice’s canvas shop was recommended to us and she’s conveniently close, but still a rough and bouncy dinghy ride away. We’ve pulled the trigger on that long awaited project and while we’re at it the dodger had a few bad zippers near the instruments so we included that repair as well. With a third of the dodger off the boat we were feeling a little exposed during this morning’s rain storm.


We rigged this boom canvas in place of the side curtains. Thanks to Jim for passing on that piece of kit. We knew it would come in handy.


The new external sun covers are included in this project and it looks like the original covers are crumbling so we couldn’t have pushed this much longer. During squalls I’ve found them pealed back and ready to abandon ship!


Janice fixed up the dodger in a day and we got it reinstalled just in time for another rainfall.


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  1. Oh, it’s going to look soooo good, especially with the new sun covers. Yay!

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