Hometown welcome

We had a rainy couple of days here in St. Martin. Friday we spent the morning aboard reorganizing our equipment manuals so we can put our hands on the one we want without disassembling an entire shelf of binders.


When the rain finally stopped we wandered around the Dutch side, found a grocery store and knocked a few items off our list at the chandleries. We ended up at Barnacles for happy hour and a rainbow.



After the rainbow the rain came with a vengeance. We moved under cover but the rain kept finding us until we ended up sitting at the well-protected bar. We looked up and found our favorite Pennsylvania teams well-represented up on the ceiling.




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2 Responses to Hometown welcome

  1. Wess Smith

    Thought about you guys this weekend. Yesterday I power-washed our front door porch and connecting walk and then the deck Jack helped build. Thanks for the power washer donation before you sailed away.

    Then today we road bikes from Western Penitentiary to Millville and back. Saw many ducks and geese being followed by their string of babies. We also stopped to watch the giant Koi and goldfish.

    • Ahh, we miss those bike rides. We haven’t had our bikes off the boat in a couple of months. Sometimes we can’t find a place to lock them up, and other times, like in St. Thomas, it was just too mountainous to ride and the streets weren’t safe from insane drivers. Hope you are both well and happy. Come visit!

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