The butcher’s bill

The butchers tab from this last short bash to windward is getting longer every day. At first blush we’d thought that Escape Velocity had just shrugged off a fairly serious pasting but time has revealed that our LED TV smashed itself silly on a block of wood that apparently was partially screwed into the cabinet intended to keep the TV from smashing itself silly. Its a substantial bill.

Marce’s bruises – healable
One broken Buddha’s knot – glue-able
One Jib – irretrievable
One LED TV – replaceable
One autopilot ram – fingers crossed, touching wood -repairable

Make it so…please make it so.

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  1. Gosh, Why did you guys – hindsight is always better – not go up to the NE BVIs and then wait for calm weather to go to St Marten???… we have done the trip twice only, but did that each time and found it wonderful. Left at 4 am each time, and came into Marigot Bay just a couple hours after dark and anchored easily and then in thru the French Bridge. 8 Euro but no wait checkin at the Captainaire just to the left after you go in the bridge and get to the channel (at the marina office just North). Your cat can make the passage on the French side, while other boats cannot. We have never used Dutch side, as they charge to go thru bridge and also may to anchor.

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