Monkey Business

I don’t know about you but we’re not much for repeating ourselves so when our friends on Georgia J, still in Golfito, got the call we all dread, you know the trouble back at home call, it became a game changer…a paradigm shift for them and our long anticipated visit with Sharon and Kim. Georgia J is no longer sailing up here to play in Quepos; in fact Georgia J is hitching a ride piggy back on the deck of a yacht transporter. They’ll be renting a car and driving up from Golfito to say, well, goodbye so at least we can show them Quepos and they can share our air conditioning for a few days.

Fun in Quepos means Manuel Antonio, the mountaintop town and the National Parque of the same name. They can do the full Monty tour with guide and spotter scope and we’ll explore some of the new trails that are just opening up. I think I may have already mentioned that without a guide we’ve been kind of hopeless at spotting all that bio-diversity Manuel Antonio is famous for so we’re looking at this as a nice walk in the jungle maybe with perks.





So we worked our way back to the beach where we were all to meet but it was not surprising that they weren’t there yet, that’s when I noticed several guides quietly heading out on a sandy path that runs near the beach. I hadn’t noticed before but around a bend we could see several spotter scopes on tripods, a sure sign that a point of interest might be on offer. We didn’t need the help. All the trees around us were shaking. A large troop of Capuchin monkeys was moving towards us in a kind of feeding behavior, completely unconcerned about us. In a line across the whole sandy peninsula a wave of white faced monkeys were resolutely leaping from branch to branch only stopping to examine a tasty morsel. Some were running across the ground, most were about head height. Pure magic.










So dear Escapees, I can just hear you wondering, sure you’re in Manuel Antonio but where’s Ronnie Reagan’s favorite airplane? We had to introduce the Georgia Js to Eugene’s last ride.


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