The view from the back porch

Shaw Island, where we’ve taken refuge because of a strong wind warning here in the southern Whitsunday islands. Facing west, the full moon. Facing east, the advancing front. We awoke in dead calm, but within 30 minutes the wind is in the 20s and strengthening. We are well hooked along with our six anchorage mates, making coffee and planning a day of reading and cooking.


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3 Responses to The view from the back porch

  1. karen sherer

    Hi Marce & Jack…..soooooo beautiful…it’s always great hearing from you

  2. I look forward to your pics and journal. The beauty you share of your lives aboard and on land turn my mind away from this dysfunction of our citizens. Thank You. Fair seas ahead for us all. Suzy.

  3. Michael McFadyen

    If you have a chance, run over to Lindeman Island in your dinghy and look at the deserted resort. Very sad, considering this was at one time probably the premier island resort in Australia.

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