Yachties were here

We boat people are very good at not poisoning the oceans with our trash but we sure do like to leave our mark in various places. We’ve been looking forward to visiting Middle Percy Island where an A-frame structure houses a constantly growing collection of yacht signatures on all manner of boards, driftwood or other media.

The local residents keep bees and sell the honey from a display with an honesty box. We bought a few jars for the pantry.

We meant to stay and watch the sun go down from the beach but a wicked swell started moving into the anchorage and we thought it prudent to get the dinghy off the beach before we got swamped.

By morning the swell was so bad we left at first light and pointed the boat back toward the mainland when we learned some foul weather was moving in. We took shelter at Digby Island overnight, one of those anchorages you swear will be miserable but ended up being calm and restful.

As we approached MacKay the AIS reminded us of Panama with so many ships waiting to come into the harbor, but at least here they were all anchored and we didn’t have to dodge them in a shipping lane.

We took a berth at the marina to wait out the weather and spend our social security checks on coffee and eggs Benedict. As you do.

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