Lucky Guy

It’s barely a mile up the salt pond from Point Judith Harbor of Refuge, but it’s a different world.
The predicted 25 knot winds barely touched us up here. I don’t know why you’d stay in the rolly harbor when you could stay in a beautiful calm pond with small wooded islands strewn about. Kayakers, paddle boards, small sailboats were everywhere.

While we waited to exchange outboards we thought a change of pace was called for, especially after Newport. No one was anchored within eyesight. Lots of scope equals peace of mind.

Today we’re celebrating 22 years of marriage with a wonderful ’98 Margaux in the cockpit of Escape Velocity, and I get to do it with the prettiest girl at the dance. That’s a lucky guy!

On the outboard front our good friend Jim said if the thing runs without the hood on, just run it without the hood on. Good advice.

I got up early this morning while the rain was just beginning to clear, launched the dinghy, and started the small loaner outboard. Powered up into a medium wind driven chop, pulled into Snug Harbor after pounding into every wave down the pond. The Honda Guy was just arriving and I told him that I had to run over to the Volvo Penta ships store to buy two $17 plus oil filters. In the meantime the guys had dropped the 120 lb. Honda outboard onto the transom and she started right up. I started out but remembered that we needed bread and eggs so did an about face and found a funky “convenience store” that had a couple of eggs and wonderbread.

The Honda ran great all the way up the pond to EV.

The wind finally died down with the sun, leaving another beautiful sunset and
the view from the back porch.



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4 Responses to Lucky Guy

  1. chelle robinson

    Ahhhh. Now thats the way to spend an anniversary. Congratulations to both of you. So happy for you… so so so happy!

  2. Jim

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary

  3. Frank

    Congratulations. 22 years is certainly something to celebrate. I peek in on you guys every day and am sailing vicariously with you. Love the photos and hope to see you when you are once again allowed into the great state of Florida.

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