Pumping up

It was a lot to remember. We had planned a day of sightseeing ashore on Block Island, and already layers of difficulty were being added. While we’re at it we might as well take a large accumulation of trash and load up our two bikes, bike bags, helmets, chain spray, and the pump. After all they’ve been up in the slings for weeks. We’ve four adults plus all of their gear to load into the dinghy as well. The Honda purred all the way to the dinghy dock with everything piled aboard.

I haven’t thought of a way to pump the bike tires while on the boat so we take the pump ashore and then hide it in the dinghy.

Block Island was not as flat as I expected but it was great to get a decent ride in and the Island is really beautiful.


We finally made it to the bluffs, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

One hundred forty five steps later we were on the beach.


A steep path lead down to this strange scene.

Cairns were everywhere, small ones, big ones, some even in trees. Some saw themselves as art.

Back on the bikes we came down off the bluffs past old spas and hotels into Old Harbor.

We finished the day at The Oar for dinner, with a windy night time dinghy ride back to Escape Velocity, resting peacefully out in the mooring field. That’s life on the water.

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