More Block Island

It was a last minute decision. Do we avoid another $50 bike rental fee for our guests or do we try to find a dinghy dock close to the Northern end of Block Island? We chose the Boat Basin Dock and a nice bike ride. Once again Block Island has more hills than you’d think, but when you’re from Pittsburgh it’s all relative. It was a circuitous route through the Island which was fine by me.

We rode past one old Victorian mansion after another as we began to climb up to the bluffs.

There is nothing Marce enjoys more than an old graveyard, especially before meditating while walking a labyrinth. We had to brake really hard, while bombing down a hill, to avoid missing the entrance.

The Corn Neck Farm (it’s for sale) was cute but we were in the mood for some end of the road cycling.

Yeah, that’s the stuff. Settlers Rock was right beside the end of the road parking lot.

Marce, Dave, and Nancy stop for a spot of culture.

A cairn of my own.

On the way back in New Shoreham we came upon The Surf Hotel. I like old buildings that are starting to turn to seed.

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