Fix it day

First he was coming, then he wasn’t, and then he came. Yippee! Our son came to see us and meet Escape Velocity on what turned out to be a way too long trek. He flew to Pittsburgh on business (where he and his wife also have a house) on Tuesday, worked like a dog Wednesday and Thursday, then drove to New York, managing to get comprehensively lost and delayed getting to Nyack. No matter. We gave him the tour and a Dark and Stormy and the rest of the family brought pizza for dinner. And of course it was windy and choppy but this time no one got sick. And of course no one took a picture.

Saturday Drew tore into all the fix-it projects that have been piling up. First he fixed the washer.


Then he and Jack set about snaking wires to install more 12volt outlets on board, especially in the cockpit where we use an iPad for navigation and up til now we’ve had a cord dangerously draped across the footwell because the 12volt outlet is across the cockpit from where we need it.


Drew also disconnected and removed the unused TV monitor in our cabin and we’re hoping he has time to trace and check all our antenna wires, since we suspect many of our GPS and radio issues are antenna-related.

We just wish we weren’t doing this in 18-20 knots of wind and river chop. Could we just have a calm day once in a while, for crying out loud?

While the men tear up the boat I’m staying out of the way and baking a cinnamon crumb cake. I’m watching the sky and it looks like a storm is moving in.



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2 Responses to Fix it day

  1. Anita

    It is great that Drew can be there to see your new home, and also to help out! That’s awesome.

  2. Carole L Esley

    What a talented young man! What a blessing for you to have him for a few days Did he have time to check the antenna wires?

    I’m sure he was well supplied with wonderful food, drink and love!!

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