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Catchup day

We had a very busy couple of weeks in NJ. Looking back it seems we did nothing but shop, chauffeured by brother-in-law Dave in comfy style. For as much as we had lists, we realized that almost nothing except food and boat parts and supplies is actually necessary. If we didn’t find something at the most likely place we generally said, “No problem. We’ll just keep an eye out.” Nothing reduces your want list like living on a boat.

Still, it was fun to be in the stores we haven’t visited in months and knock a few things off the list. We failed to find an affordable laser pointer for the cat at Staples.


We were dazzled by the produce at Fairway.




When Nancy and Dave weren’t available to take us places we recruited Drew and scored a new gas jug.


We gathered for a final family photo (minus daughter-in-law Ericka) knowing it’ll be a long time before we’re all in the same place again.


And then it was time to go. We knew we didn’t have a big weather window but we thought we could at least get to the Delaware Bay overnight, Wrong! As Jack reported, we got slammed with wind in the opposite direction of what was predicted and took refuge in Atlantic City after quite a ordeal at sea. Our mast is too tall to get far inside this inlet, so we’re anchored with the other big boats riding out the 25 knot winds and waiting for the next window to head the rest of the 40 miles southeast to Lewes, Delaware, our next stop.

We awoke this morning to discover that a large monohull was swinging a little close to us, and we and they kept monitoring the positions for an hour or so. At one point the boats were quite close and one of the owners called to us.

“Is that Chocobo? I know that boat! It’s Chocobo!”

How about that? Two Canadians recognized the boat. They followed Danielle and Roger’s blog and are now on their own adventure. We knew we’d be known as Chocobo until we replace the yellow canvas and give Escape Velocity a new look. But it’s nice to know that Chocobo is known and loved even by strangers to us.


Jack spent the day doing chores, fixing a leak in the fresh water system and fixing the galley footpump.


When he was sure he was done, we remembered the speedo needed cleaning again. Yikes! What’s growing in there?



I had my own chores to do, cleaning and replacing watermaker filters and making water, and downloading new audiobooks and loading our nanos for nighttime reading.

Izzy mostly slept during the day, recovering, I guess, from yesterday’s wild ride. Later she reminded me to do a little chart work in preparation for our arrival in the Chesapeake.



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So you’ll know where it came from

We follow another Manta blog from Sara on Tumbleweed. She just posted about their experience in Suva, Fiji, with a new expression that just might show up here from time to time. You can read it here, and you’ll know what we mean if we use it too. The same thing happened to us in Lake Wesley, Virginia Beach, only it was a cat. We think. Time to go.


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