So you’ll know where it came from

We follow another Manta blog from Sara on Tumbleweed. She just posted about their experience in Suva, Fiji, with a new expression that just might show up here from time to time. You can read it here, and you’ll know what we mean if we use it too. The same thing happened to us in Lake Wesley, Virginia Beach, only it was a cat. We think. Time to go.


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4 Responses to So you’ll know where it came from

  1. TomG from Sag Harbor

    Excellent expressionI Hopefully one you’ll rarely have to use.

  2. EWWW! Flying pigs. Floating pigs. Who knew?

  3. Anita

    Hey Marce – you are right by where my friend has her condo in Brigantine and I’ve walked the seawall several times on the Brigantine side. They are about 1/2 mile north of the inlet. Good biking there.

  4. Marce! We have so many new followers from your blog post! Thanks! Oh and I’ll make sure Suva cleans up their waters before you guys get here! 🙂

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